We can also carry out individual types of works on a contractual and subcontract basis:

·         Integrated geophysical and geological oil and gas exploration projects. 
·         Analysis and generalization of customer's geological and geophysical materials. 
·         Development of integrated programs for individual fields. 
·         Integrated research, exploration and design projects for further development of discovered fields. 
·         Oil field development combined with infrastructure installation to sustain full-scale field operations and production activities of oil companies. 
·         Drilling deep exploratory, delivery and producing wells at oil and gas fields, including horizontal and directional drilling. 
·         Workover operations and routine maintenance in shut-in and low-productivity wells. 
·         Design and construction of tank farms and pipeline systems for storage and transportation of oil. 
·         Design and integrated construction of formation pressure maintenance systems to improve oil recovery using highly advanced technologies. 
·         Design and construction of oil treatment units (desalination, dewatering, etc. 
·         Assistance in the establishment of oil production and engineering companies. 
·         Oil personnel training of all categories and occupations including training in customer's country study centres and directly on-the working place. 
·         Secondment of specialists of all categories and professions. 
·         Process emergency eliminations operations including oil fields fire fighting. 
·         Provision of equipment, process materials and spare parts used in the oil producing industry,                                    including infrastructure facilities.