HAIDER GROUP HOLDING was founded in 1996 by HAYDER ALMAMOORI, HGH act into different fields of businesses, such as construction, agriculture, mining, industry, petroleum, finance and others we got involved in, with and for our partners represented by highly experienced and professional international companies, we have succeeded in concluding several projects in various fields via our partners and connections around the world.

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Drilling and Exploration

Offshore oil and gas are in a race to produce the most competitive barrel of oil. But with dozens of different suppliers and multiple interfaces involved, the process of delivering a well safely, on time and within budget has become more complex for operators than it needs to be.



HGH consists of a team of professionals and consultants that ‎specialize in providing leading-edge technology, products and solutions for the Renewable Energy ‎sector. In the recent past, there has been a growing interest in solar and wind power technologies.